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Website Design and Development

Gold Coast Australia

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Should you wish to update your website online content yourself frequently or even just occasionally, then a "Web Content Management System" is recommended. Website content can be managed within a “WCMS" by those with only moderate computer skills such as word processing and basic image sizing.

Generally a Web developer such as ourselves will set up a web content management system for you and provide you with a front end design, after which you can add, edit and delete content such as headings, content text, tabular data, images, movies etc. without any coding knowledge and without the fear of adversely affecting the overall structure of the website design.

Content Management

Popular WCMS Apps

Many popular WCMS applications are free and open source, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Fusion, etc. If you have a web hosting account with our web hosting service BusyHosting and you would like to have a go yourself, many of the popular open source WCMS applications (42 in fact) can be automatically installed from your Hosting Control Panel.


WCMS Front End Design Templates

There are also many inexpensive pre-built front end design templates available for purchase for the above WCMS applications. The beauty of a template is that you can see up front what you will be getting. You can get a CMS set up very quickly by browsing a range of pre-designed templates and purchasing a design template for installation by BusyWeb.

Wordpress Theme
Wordpress Theme
Joomla Theme
Joomla Theme

BusyCMS by BusyWeb

Our WCMS / Website Builder Application”

As with any software program, there is a certain learning curve to be able to manage your CMS skilfully, especially with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. which are quite complex due to the evolution of the applications to cater for a very wide range of situations.

Because this complexity may be daunting for some, at BusyWeb we have, over the last few years, developed our own WCMS or Website Builder application with a view to keeping your website management simple and intuitive. Further details are available at

BusyCMS Website Builder


As with any pre-built web application, what you can achieve is often limited by what the WCMS is designed for. An advantage of BusyCMS is that, because we built it, we can modify it to do virtually any specific function you would like it to do.