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Website Design and Development

Gold Coast Australia

Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites

At BusyWeb we develop standard and database driven responsive websites for a wide range of business applications from simple brochure type websites to interactive web applications and e-commerce.

Responsive web design is a method of designing one website, the same website, to adapt and display properly on all mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and all desktop screen resolutions. Additionally, navigation should work properly with touch as well as being mouse friendly.

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Our latest mobile friendly design

This website is developed using a responsive design.

A responsive website from BusyWeb will adapt to the device it is viewed on. The same website on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Why Responsive Design

  • The same website displays properly on mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers.
  • In 2015, Tablet sales will finally surpass PC’s, fulfilling Steve Jobs’ post PC prophecy.
    Quote: July 2014.
  • Mobile-only Internet users to reach 1 billion users by 2015
  • Mobile Search Will Surpass Desktop in 2015
    Quote: 5 Dec 2014.
  • As of mid 2015, the major search engines have indicated they will in future favour responsive websites.
  • Google announced in February 2015 that starting in April 2015, mobile-friendliness will be considered an important ranking factor for mobile search results.

How Does a Responsive Website Work?

A responsive design uses the same HTML code for every device, but adapts by using mainly CSS code, CSS Media Queries and some Javascript to change the layout for the device it is viewed upon. Therefore you have the same website in all situations, unlike older concepts of a different website for mobile devices. This helps with the popularity of your website and popularity is good for SEO.

Fixed widths are in the main replaced with percentages of browser window size and those again change with layout changes when the window size alters. Content such as image widths and font sizes are determined for each device depending on the developers use of CSS media queries.

Get Started

The following may help you to get started, depending on your project and online marketing experience.

Feel free to ring us on 07 5574 0209 if you wish to discuss anything at all regarding your project.

The First Step - Domain Name Registration.

Unless you have one already, secure a domain name for your business. Domain names are like internet real estate, the right domain name will be a valuable asset.

Many popular domain names will be already taken (.com and, etc.), however, there are more and newer domain name extensions available now. If your favoured domain name is not available as a .com or, there is no disadvantage using another domain extension such as .net,, .biz, etc.

Contact us for a quote

Our quotes are primarily based on your supply of most of the website content such as promotional text, product/services information and relevant media such as photos, video, etc. We will supply structural design content and graphics. Any stock media recommended will normally be supplied at no additional cost.

Before we can estimate, we will need an indication of your website content.

Before a firm quote can be given, we will need further discussion and a brief of content.

Website Content

As well as indicating to us the logical structure of the presentation of your product/service online, your website content is important for SEO. “Content Is King” is a catch cry in the SEO field.

The best way to approach us and get our best quote, is to first prepare, or have prepared, an initial brief of your intended website content and the media you will supply. (generally this will NOT include the layout design media that we will provide). This will comprise basically what you want to advertise on your website and need not be final.

This step can be daunting, but need not be final, unlike a printed brochure, content can be updated at any time.

As a content example for you, a brief for a standard brochure type website might contain: An outline of the logical structure of your website hierarchy. e.g. HomePage, Product/Services Pages, About us, contact, etc. just like this website. An initial draft of the individual pages promotional content, product/services information and photos, PDF downloads, etc. Your content does not need to be final but for quote accuracy should be about 90% of your content volume. Contact and location details etc. that you wish to display.

We will of course indicate any content improvements that will help SEO. Variation by you in your provided content is expected but may incur additional charges if less than 90% of the final content.

If you have design graphics completed already, such as promotional graphics or logos, we are happy to include these in your website and design the website and colour scheme to suit.

Assistance with Content

An emerging field in our industry is content creation by entities with expertise with regard to SEO. If you wish, you can outsource this work to us, meaning we can quote separately to work with you to prepare a content brief. This would require analysis of your existing business or intended product/service and discussion with you on your vision going forward, before preparing a brief for discussion and finalisation. Let us know if you would like us to quote.

Website Structure and Design

Design is limitless and trends continue to evolve. Good design is often in the eye of the beholder although certain design concepts are better suited to differing projects or businesses. We will create an original design for you, however, please let us know if you have a design or website structure in mind, or have seen some designs around the internet that you like. That will give us an idea of your vision for your project and help us reach your website design goal. We are NOT “one-eyed" about design and are completely open to suggestion. Failing your input, we will demo what we believe may be appropriate for your project and current media display devices.

Initial Website Design Example

After we have discussed your project with you, received a brief or draft of your initial content and your deposit, we will create an example of a website home page design complete with graphics, menu, layout and colour scheme for discussion and eventual approval. Of course we aim to impress you with our design, but should it not be to your liking, we are happy to work with you until you are satisfied. The eventual approved home page design may act as a template or framework for other pages within the website.